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Imagine being able to view your special memories not as individual snap shots in time but as a beautiful collage 

crafted together to form a very bespoke piece of art

I can place loved ones (from your forgotten albums hidden in your drawers or your computer) together by picking them 

from different occasions and times to give you a result that is full of meaning and very personal to you. 

Maybe an event or location even a biographic showing a persons - animals life : the options are endless.


The high image quality means it can be printed any size as Wall Art - Wall Paper - onto Soft Furnishings 

for your Home - Boat - Shop - Restaurant - Pub - Hotel or your Work place …


My artwork connects with 3D by layering, often using the technique of digital collage.

The image can be refined even further by sketching or painting on the top to reveal great detailing.

I have shown how this can be applied onto various medium from natural canvas to large glass or metal panels.

The Gallery demonstrates not only examples of my possible bespoke concepts but also commissioned work.

The brief was to integrate in my composition old photographs sent by the client hoping me to reunite brothers & sisters who had been separated during their childhood between New York & Wales.

Hence a "Welsh Central Park", Welsh buildings morphing into New York skyscrapers with many personal details.

Another example below of a client who sent me one photograph of their daughter and added a note she made listing what she loves most. The brief was to create a moody portrait of "Tiger" that represents her and reveals her personality.

This shows that even with a single photograph I can create a detailed & personal piece of art.

A consultation will help me to put all your suggestions and wishes together, it could also be related to your corporate values

or any other possible field...  

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